Fruit Snacks

Introducing our NEWEST creator to the BloxSnacks family, NinjaKidz!, with their first product on shelf: Tropical Fruit FruitBlox. These fun and delicious flavors in this Fruit Snack pouch will tickle your taste buds & help any kid hone the power of their very own Fruit Ninjas within. With more to come this fall!

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Berry Blast

More snacks to come from NinjaKidz this fall! In the meantime, give Berry Blast JuiceBlox a try. With a fun and fruity taste that's sure to tickle your taste buds, this drink is a must-try.

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As Seen on YouTube

We’re bringing kids’ favorite YouTubers Aphmau, Unspeakable & NOW NinjaKidz right to the snack & juice aisle.

Where Games Meet Snacks

Limited Edition Collectible Cards in every carton of FruitBlox gives kids the chance to collect exclusives from their favorite YouTubers! With tons more to come

That Parents Love, Too!

The natural sweetness of fruit in JuiceBlox & FruitBlox without any unnecessary additives or preservatives makes Blox Snacks Parent Approved ✅


  • What is BloxSnacks, and what are JuiceBlox?
  • Who are Aphmau, Unspeakable, and Ninja Kidz, and why are they associated with JuiceBlox?
  • What are the ingredients in JuiceBlox, and are they safe for my child to consume?
  • Are JuiceBlox drinks Non-GMO or all-natural?
  • Are JuiceBlox drinks suitable for children with food allergies or dietary restrictions?
  • Where can I find JuiceBlox products, and are they available in my area?
  • Can I order JuiceBlox online, or do I need to purchase them in stores?
  • How do I properly store and handle JuiceBlox drinks?
  • How long do JuiceBlox drinks last, and do they need to be refrigerated?