Fruit Snacks

Prepare to experience epic deliciousness with Unspeakable’s NEW Apple & Strawberry FruitBlox! Crafted using the finest ingredients, this snack will ensure you're geared up to conquer any obstacle, embodying the spirit of Unspeakable himself.

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Apple Juice

Get ready to feel Unspeakable power with the delicious Apple Juice JuiceBlox! Made with the finest ingredients, this drink will keep you energized and ready to take on any challenge, just like Unspeakable himself.

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As Seen on YouTube

We’re bringing kids’ favorite YouTubers Aphmau, Unspeakable & NinjaKidz right to the snack & juice aisle.

Where Games Meet Snacks

Limited Edition Collectible Cards in every carton of FruitBlox gives kids the chance to collect exclusives from their favorite YouTubers!

That Parents Love, Too!

FruitBlox & JuiceBlox are made with real fruit juice, which makes them Parent Approved ✅

Who is Unspeakable?

Unspeakable is one of the biggest family-friendly content creators on YouTube, with four channels amassing more than 33 million subscribers. He got his start more than a decade ago, uploading Minecraft content which then evolved into IRL challenge videos and other gaming avenues.